The Changing Face of Data Analytics [New E-book]



If your company’s data analytics function went to the doctor for a checkup, would it come out with one of these diagnoses?

A severe case of hyper-expectations

Data scientist deprivation syndrome

Technology deficit disorder








The advanced analytics function is barely the age of a toddler in most organizations, yet the stress is already beginning to show. You can’t fault it, really; analytics itself is changing almost as fast as the data is arriving from your customers, transactions, connected devices, industrial machinery and supply chain.

It’s like PCs in the early 1980s: We knew we needed and wanted them, but it took a while for us to figure out how to make the best use of them. Our needs changed as fast as the technology changed.

The changing face of data analytics

In our new e-book, Break Down the Barriers to Better Analytics, we look at how the changing face of analytics is moving faster than organizations themselves, leading to three symptoms:

  • A severe case of hyper-expectations. What is management asking for, now that the sources and tools for big data are in place? Management wants a data-driven business that understands customers, discovers new opportunities for innovation, makes better decisions and gets everyone in the company using analytics. That’s asking quite a bit.
  • Data scientist deprivation syndrome. In the scramble to hire data scientists who can help your company meet those hyper-expectations of data analytics, numbers are going uncrunched and opportunities are going untapped. Where does the skill set come from? Where are the analytics executives who can apply analytics and make you money? (Hint: Few of them come from IT.)
  • Technology deficit disorder. In several dimensions, your data analytics technology needs to keep pace with the growth in your data — unstructured data, data moving through the cloud and data in motion, to name just a few of those dimensions. The most effective way of closing that technology deficit is to apply analytics where the data resides, instead of moving data to where your analytics reside.

New e-book: Break Down the Barriers to Better Analytics

Have a look at our new e-book, Break Down the Barriers to Better Analytics, for more insights into the changing face of analytics; data preparation and data blending; and the corporate- and IT-centered barriers to using analytics efficiently in your organization.

And be sure to read it before your company’s advanced analytics function goes to the doctor for a checkup.