The CSR Purge Wizard: Your Stat Repository - Lean & Mean

Intended Audience: Administrators of Stat ACM

Intended Subject: The CSR Purge Wizard – Purge Old/Outdated CSR data that is no longer needed for historical or reporting purposes

Intended Reaction: Happy Stat Administrators, Happy Auditors, Happy Developers

Keywords: CSR, Purge, Archive History, Compliance

Hello Stat Administrators,

I know you’re busy – So I appreciate you taking the time to read this blog. I’ll get right to the point with no humorous content or jokes.
This blog will look at the CSR Purge Wizard that was released in a previous version, but has not been spoken of as often as it should be.
With regards to the CSR Purge Wizard, let’s take a look at the Big 5 Questions: Who, What, When, Where & Why of the utility – although not in exact order.

The Why:

The CSR Purge Wizard (CPW) is used to either Export/Import or Purge CSR data from your Stat Repository.
It’s designed for customer’s who’ve used Stat for years and now has significant CSR history that is no longer relevant or required for Auditing purposes.
This blog will focus on the Purge functionality of the CPW utility. Other blogs coming soon will cover the Export/Import functionality.

The What:

The CSR Purge Wizard (CPW) Purge capabilities allow the Stat Administrator to do just that: Purge old/outdated CSR data that is no longer needed or required for reporting or Auditing purposes.

The When:

The CPW should only be used as stated above.

The Where:

The CPW Export/Purged data files should be stored on a location that is backed up and recoverable in the event you need this purged data re-imported at some time in the future.
As stated in the next “W” section, my feeling is that only the Stat Administrators should have access to this utility, however, the utility documentation can be found in the Stat User’s Guide and not the Stat Administrator’s Guide.

The Who:

Only Stat Administrators should have access to this utility given its potential. Remember the old saying: “With Great Power Comes Great Responsibility~ Voltaire.

The Walkthrough:

Finally, the last "W" is the Walkthrough. Ok, so I threw in an extra “W” Topic – Hey, I was on a roll. So, let’s take a run at the CPW utility and see how we would use it for purging.

To access the tool, from the Main Stat Menu Bar: Tools > CSR Purge Wizard.

When the CPW utility loads you will see the following as the first screen:

Select “Purge” on the “CSR Action” Radio Buttons Section. Ensure that the “Export before purge” Checkbox is selected. Select “Next” to continue to the next screen:

On the second main screen of the CPW, you will select the location for the purge data, which CSR’s to purge and other associated data you want to purge out.

The first thing you want to do is select an "Export to..." File & Location for the Purged Data. Select the Magnifying Glass Icon to choose where you want the purged data to be stored.

This should be a Network Location that is sure to be backed up and therefore recoverable. In the "Select File" pop-up, enter a File name for the Purged Data.

The File Extension for this CPW file type is “.csr”. (Please Do Not Try to Change It.)

Select “Save” to close the pop-up window.

Now you should that Path and Filename field filled in back on the main screen:

Below this area, you can select the CSR Data that you want to be able to Purge.

Scan through the list of CSR’s listed in the Combo Box and Highlight the Rows that you want to Purge.

Keep the selected check box values on the right side of window as defaulted in when you loaded the utility.

*** Attention***
SelectingNextwill advance the screen and immediately Start the Purge Process.
The above screen is your confirmation screen.

*** Attention***

When you select “Next”, the next screen in the process will appear and the purge process will execute on the CSR’s that you selected.

When the CSR Purge process is completed, you have the ability to either print or export the Log File. Exporting the log file is a good idea for record keeping purposes.
It’s a good idea to keep it with the actual export file you chose above.

Once you’ve exported, or printed off, the log file, select “Finish” to complete the process and Close the CPW Utility.

And that’s it!

Additional Information:

Don’t worry about the security of the export – It’s not stored in a format that is easily readable by Text Editors or Hex Editors.
The following screenshot was my attempt to do just that:

Thanks for reading!

Respectfully Submitted,

William R. Hart
Solutions Architect
Quest Software, Inc.