The Data-Driven Non-Profit: A Toad Data Point And The Philadelphia Youth Network

A database tool that helps find jobs for inner-city youth? Everybody can get behind that.

Since 1999, The Philadelphia Youth Network (PYN) has developed targeted programs that allow early access to educational and employment services for underserved youth in the region. PYN has grown to one of the city’s most successful sources of jobs and career opportunities, helping to connect 126,000 young people since it was founded. It does this by pulling together constantly changing data about jobs, youth programs, service learning, internships, work experience and career exposure from dozens of organizations and hundreds of businesses.

You can’t make that kind of impact if all you’re using is spreadsheets.

A data-driven non-profit

PYN uses Toad Data Point to query and extract data stored in Oracle, SQL Server and MySQL databases. It also uses Toad to do the work of cleaning, formatting and merging data, freeing up staff to focus on the work of helping young people start a career.