The Force Is Strong with Today's DBAs

A long time ago in a galaxy far, far away, DBAs didn’t need The Force. Today, you’re expected to perform all manner of supernatural feats, channeling your deepest inner powers.

You’re working your light saber off, fighting for good (good database performance) and battling evil (ahem, certain developers, cough). How do we know?



Because we recently asked which Star Wars character best represents you as a DBA – and the response across the Twitter-verse was phenomenal!

But before we share some of the tweets, here’s a recap of your multiple choice options:

DBA Chewie

You’re loyal, dedicated, skilled − and possibly in need of some alone time with a Mach 15 razor. But it’s not just your year-round preparedness for Movember that makes people think you’re from another planet; when you try to explain your database challenges, they look at you like you’re speaking in Wookiee. #Shyriiwook

DBA Trooper

You’re constantly on-call to solve every issue, and it feels as if you’re waging a war within your organization. You might as well stay suited up, because you’re always in combat.

DBA Skywalker

You’ve excelled in some of the most epic database battles in your organization. When days are dark, everyone knows you have the unique gift to bring it all to the light.

DBA Vader

You’re the necessary evil at your organization, and you have no tolerance for errors. Anyone who stands in the way of executing your plan is simply collateral damage.

So who were the most relatable characters?

The clear winner was DBA Skywalker, proving The Force is strong with today’s DBAs. Next came the Chewies, followed by the Vadars and lastly, the Troopers.

Some fascinating responses – and the questions they raise

With so many responsibilities and so many demands coming from every direction, many of you admit to feeling downright schizophrenic, relating to multiple Star Wars personalities.

Here are some examples of the struggle:   

ember_crooks ‏@ember_crooks  Nov 30 Retweeted Victor M. Ramirez

I like to think I'm DBA Skywalker. I have been each of these - sometimes all in the same day! @DellBigData #DBAForce

Kenneth Fisher ‏@sqlstudent144  Nov 2

@DellBigData #DBAForce I'd say I'm 1/2 DBA Chewie and 1/2 Skywalker. It's great when they understand me, but that's only about 1/2 the time.

Landon Fowler ‏@landonkfowler  Nov 2

@DellBigData I'd say that I'm a DBA Chewie in a DBA Trooper's uniform. #DBAForce

Should DBAs have to take on so many different roles – and all in one day? Do you ever feel like this? A new study hints this is becoming the norm as pressure on DBAs increases.

Heavy breathing from the dark side

One group who held fast to a singular personality was the Darth camp, which wasn’t too surprising given their more, shall we say... “intense” nature.

This hilarious response from Ricardo sums it up:

Ricardo Muñoz ‏@NomadVolk  Dec 5

@DellBigData DBA Vader of course there is no mercy for developers!

Then again, we did have one misunderstood hero in Kevin:

Kevin Chant ‏@kevchant  Nov 3

@DellSoftware @DellBigData I'm sure some would class me as DBA Vader, [in the] end though [I’m] more like DBA Skywalker #DBAForce

If you relate to Vadar, is it because you’re committed to your villainous ways, or do you feel forced into being the bad guy because you’re not getting the support you need?

The heroes; the warriors; and our hirsute, word-gurgling friends

Of course, we also heard from the rest of the cast in a fun mix of responses, ranked from the most common sentiment to the least:

Zahid Anwar ‏@ZedDBA  Nov 3 Zahid Anwar Retweeted Nicole Tamms

@DellBigData #DBAForce I'd say I'm DBA Skywalker ;)

JiÅ™í Kaplan ‏@Jiri_Kaplan  Nov 6

Looks like you have got one DBA Chewie :). @DellBigData #DBAForce

.@DellBigData - #DBA trooper - the frontline warrior. #DBAForce #Oracle #SQLServer

Which character are you?

If you didn’t get a chance to share your DBA alter ego yet, Tweet your Star Wars identity @DellBigData with #DBAForce.

We’ve got your back, no matter how hairy it is.

Dell and DBAs go together like Han Solo and Chewie, Obi Wan Kenobi and Anakin Skywalker, Artoo and C3PO – you get the point. Why? Because you like reading about what your fellow DBAs are up to, and we like asking them. That’s right. We’ve got more survey results for you.

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