The Happy Connection between Statistica and Toad

Maybe the Toad name doesn’t mean much yet to longtime Statistica Enterprise users, but it will. That is because Statistica—historically a very robust and IT-friendly analytics platform on its own merits—is now integrated with Toad Data Point and Toad Intelligence Central (TIC), fellow members of Quest’s information management portfolio.

What does Dell Toad do for you and why should you care? Well, that’s what the webcast will cover in detail, so let’s just summarize here by saying Toad opens your door to a whole new world of big data interconnectivity upstream of Statistica. Toad Data Point offers self-service data access, integration, and data preparation functionality with relational and non-relational sources. (And who wouldn’t be happy with more tools for handling data preparation, one of the leading sources of posterior pain among data analysts?) Meanwhile, on the server side, TIC seamlessly connects data, users, and files for well-governed collaboration.

Once again, this is Statistica’s way of “playing nice” with your existing IT assets and software components, a practical trait for which our platform has long been hailed by satisfied users worldwide. If you already have Dell Toad in place, now you can call Data Point and TIC directly from within Statistica Enterprise. If you do not yet have Toad in place, you really should be taking a look at Toad now!

Either way, this webcast will showcase the new Statistica-Toad connection that enables you to provision data sources across platforms like never before in order to produce a single system for data profiling, cleansing, analysis, modeling, deployment, and scoring.

A powerful connection, indeed.