The hero's day off — or is there no rest for weary systems admins?

Systems administrators often have near-perfect attendance. That’s because it’s close to impossible for them to actually take a day off without significant advance notice and planning. Calling in sick is out of the question, because they are the glue that holds the entire IT system together. They are the unsung super heroes required to leap tall buildings (or bottlenecks) in a single bound. They complete tasks faster than a speeding bullet. They perform super-human feats to fight off villainous system failures when the rest of the team has lost all hope. These heroes must be ever vigilant and ready to fly to the rescue when something does inevitably go wrong. 

But what if our hero did take a day off? What could possibly go wrong? Well, anything from poor VM performance to catastrophic system failure. Sure, it’s unlikely the latter would happen, but it might feel that way to the customer service engineer who is at a client site and can’t get the vital information she needs because the server is down.  

Here are some other things that could go wrong if a systems admin took a surprise day off:

  • A server might go down with no backup
  • The hero’s well-meaning sidekick could reactively make a change to the system, causing another change, which causes another change, which breaks something else
  • A user might have poor Citrix VDI performance — with load time taking forever
  • Maybe OpenStack has a problem, but nobody can figure out what the root cause is — or how to fix it
  • Another user might need a new VM but could discover a problem with provisioning

All of this might sound terrifying, and such fears have undoubtedly led to many a weary systems admin never taking a day off. But our intrepid hero is prepared; he has backup. And I don’t mean the caped sidekick. Our hero has something better: Dell Foglight for Virtualization, Enterprise Edition.

Foglight allows the systems admin and his team to have end-to-everything visibility across the environment, from server to virtual machine to cloud. He can automate formerly tedious manual processes to save time and use historical data to track trends and plan for all of the above evil scenarios. It allows him to ensure that the company’s virtual infrastructure is optimized so problems are less likely to occur. He can set CPU and storage at the correct capacities needed, track system changes and their results, and quickly remediate issues when they do happen.  

And best of all? Foglight for Virtualization enables our super hero systems admin to take a well-deserved day off, secure in the knowledge that everything is covered. At least until a new villain rears its ugly head.

Deliver on performance and overcome near disasters in a single bound.

Ready to become more agile when leaping tall bottlenecks in a single bound? Then be sure to check out this tech brief and explore how Dell Foglight for Virtualization can help you maximize your investment in Hyper-V and overcome the key challenges that can affect your virtualized infrastructure.