The hidden costs of failed deployments - White Paper

There’s no avoiding it: Support for XP is scheduled to sunset in April 2014, making a migration to Windows 7 or 8 inevitable for those organizations that haven’t yet migrated. OS migrations can still be challenging even for the most well-managed IT department.



The planning phases alone include: -


  • Application Discovery

  • Rationalization

  • Assessment

  • Remediation

  • Packaging into MSI or Virtual format

  • UAT



Not to mention on-going management of applications. Overlooking any of these critical stages can result in costly post-migration failures.


Sophie Tidman, Head of Professional Services for ChangeBASE at Quest has written a white paper in conjunction with partners and enterprise leaders to provide insight into some of the pitfalls they have fallen into which have resulted in post deployment failures as well as the hidden costs that may arise from poor migration planning.



The White Paper discusses the hidden costs of failed deployments from an application-management point of view and suggests ways of avoiding these by following best practices when migrating to a new platform successfully. This applies whether migrating to a new operating system, virtualization technology and browser or likewise managing applications in an ongoing way for the future.


To learn more, download the White Paper here