The latest release of InTrust and a chance to win an HP Netbook

It's early into the new year and there is already lots of stuff going on...... One thing involves a new product release and the other provides a chance to win an HP netbook. I wanted to first start with the product launch. On Thursday Jan 11, 2012 we launched the latest version of InTrust. Version 10.4 is open to the world with lots of great new features and refinements. Here are a couple of the highlights:

  • User Activity Tracking: Collects events on user and administrator activity from diverse and spread-out systems and applications and presents them in an easy-to-use and complete form suitable for ongoing reporting and ad hoc analysis. Extracts all the essential details of user access such as who performed the action, what that action actually entailed, which server it happened on and which user workstation it originated from.
  • Automated Log Collection: Automates the secure collection of event logs, decreasing your workload.
  • Log Data Compression: Provides unparalleled long-term compression, versus storing the same amount of event data in a database.

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The second thing I wanted to let you know about was a webcast we have upcoming. The webcast will provide details to help you learn a simpler approach for auditing user and system activities. Mike Danseglio, independent security guru, will talk about specific benefits that are impossible to achieve any other way, and learn how to address a critical component of auditing user and system activity. BEST part is by attending and staying till the end of the webcast you automatically enter yourself into the draw for a chance to win an HP® Mini Notebook!


Click here to read more about it AND more importantly to register!


Happy New Year!