The New Statistica: Datawatch Visualization, Hadoop Connectivity and Access to Even More Data

How do you empower more people with advanced analytics for greater impact on how they do their job?  How do you embed analytics everywhere so you can make data-driven decisions?  How can you use analytics to innovate faster?

These questions keep us up at night, just as they keep a lot of our customers up at night. We don’t have a silver bullet for them yet, but we’re moving Statistica closer to being one, little by little.

Favorable analyst reports, new release of Statistica

The press and analysts are starting to notice. They’re talking to you and finding out that Statistica is meeting your needs and then some. Many Statistica customers are commenting favorably on the ease of use, completeness of solution, integration efforts with other Dell products, and ongoing investment by Dell in the product and people since the acquisition last year.

That’s encouraging news as we get ready to launch this quarter’s Statistica version 12.7, with features aimed at helping you get advanced analytics into the hands of more of your users:

  • So the 16,000 analytical options in Statistica weren’t enough for you? We’re not surprised. That’s why a few weeks ago we began taking the product in a new direction through a technology partnership with Datawatch. In the next version of Statistica, your users will have access to rich, interactive visualizations and dashboards. These visualizations will allow you to drill down and see patterns and opportunities in your data. What’s really cool is that you’ll be able to visualize real-time data streams in Statistica and share the results with even more people in your organization.
  • Big data is everywhere, so we’re doubling down on our big data analytics module — we used to call it Kitenga — with enhanced connectivity to Hadoop HDFS. We’re going beyond simply connecting to Hadoop: instead of bringing the data to the math, the Big Data Analytics module allows you to bring the analytics to the data. That will eliminate performance bottlenecks and handle ever-increasing amounts of data more smoothly. Furthermore, the module also enhances our text analytics capability with natural language processing (NLP) and entity extraction.
  • Statistica is settling in just fine with other Dell products. So much so that this release includes connectivity to both unstructured and structured data sources in Toad Data Point, Toad Intelligence Central and Boomi. That means Statistica users can aggregate and analyze data from more than 160 sources without the need for constant IT support. With these new integrations, your data can be in the cloud or on premise, moving or at rest.
  • For those of you digging deeper into R, Statistica continues its long-standing support and integration with the language. Statistica’s governance and control will let you deploy R models more effectively.

We plan quarterly releases to Statistica from now on. If you already use Statistica, keep an eye out for upgrade instructions. And if you’re tired of staying up at night figuring out how to get analytics into the hands of more of your users, keep an eye out for the free trial version to download.