The New vOPS - Two Industry Leading Products Come Together To Change Virtualization Management

Today we announce the new vOPS. The enhanced vOPS product offering provides a single solution for VM administrators to manage all infrastructure areas related to their virtualized data centers and cloud environments. Specifically, the unified vOperations Suite extends monitoring capabilities to:

  • The storage area network (SAN)
  • The guest OS inside a virtual machine
  • Physical servers that have not been virtualized
  • Application level monitoring for Active Directory, SQL Server and Exchange

If you are considering VKernel/Quest for your virtualization management needs, it will be difficult to find another vendor with the breadth of offerings vOPS now provides. This unified offering bolsters Quest Software’s position as the leading independent virtualization management company.Now included as part of the vOperations Suite are products from VKernel’s parent company, Quest Software. These products include:

  • Quest vFoglight
  • Quest vFoglight Storage
  • Quest vOptimizer

Customers can now purchase:vOPS Server

  • Standard $549/socket which is the former vOperations Suite Product
  • Enterprise $799/socket which is a combination of the former vOperations Suite + vFoglight

vOPS Storage

  • vOptimizer $ 299/socket
  • Monitor $499/socket which is the former vFoglight Storage product

Virtualization administrators have long searched for a data center management system to gain visibility across the many layers that make up a virtualized environment: from storage array to guest OS. Previous attempts to gain this holistic visibility have either required multiple vendors, or have involved complex large-scale management platforms that are time consuming and not cost efficient.

Now, when virtualization admins approach us at trade shows with the desire for some in depth storage visibility, we have an answer.

Now, when virtualization admins approach us with the desire to see what is driving performance for their virtualized SQL server application, we have an answer.

Want to monitor the physical server also? No problem.

Want to download and get started? Here is the link.

The combination of Quest + VKernel will provide a formidable product offering backed by the sales, marketing, support and engineering resources of Quest. We are excited about the new offerings and how they can positively impact virtualization administrators.

Give it a try and download vOPS today.