The official Quest DropThis for SharePoint Mini-Guide

By Doug Davis

So here is what you need to know about our new Freeware app Quest DropThis for SharePoint.


This product will help you automate and enforce the use of SharePoint within Outlook. Basically everytime you go to attach a file in Outlook it will allow you to simply dropthis file into SharePoint instead and add a link. Really that's about as easy as it gets. Quest DropThis works with Outlook 2003 and Outlook 2007.


You do not have to be a SharePoint admin to use this, just have access to a Document Library somewhere in your SharePoint Metaverse!


Trying to convince folks to use this? Some of the benefits of DropThis are as follows:


  1. Save valuable Exchange space, especially if recipients are on multiple Exchange Servers
  2. Maintain versioning even if people are passing docs back and forth over email
  3. Enforce and encourage the use of SharePoint within your organization


Ok, Let's Install it


We worked hard to make the install and the product itself as easy to use as possible, so follow the next steps and you should be fine. Otherwise head over to the forum for support.

  1. Download the file from here
  2. Run the included setup.exe file
  3. There won't be a lot you have to do, just click next a few times


Close and then reopen Outlook and you will see a new Tab in your Outlook options.

To configure DropThis for SharePoint
  • Open Microsoft Outlook.
  • Select Tools | Options, then select the Quest DropThis for SharePoint tab.
  • Enter the default SharePoint location where your documents will be uploaded, or select a SharePoint location from the drop-down menu.
  • Click Apply.
Notes on Locations Management
If the location is valid, a check mark appears. If the location is not valid, an X appears.
Quest DropThis for SharePoint remembers the last 15 SharePoint locations that you have entered.
Do you want to be Prompted?
If want to always be prompted before uploading the files to SharePoint, select the Always prompt me before uploading files check box.
If you do not want to be prompted, clear this check box.
The check box is selected by default.
TIP: Hover your mouse pointer over this option. A tooltip appears with a brief description of this option.
How do you want to manage versions and duplicates?
The "Always use unique name if the file exists on SharePoint" option applies only if the file already exists on the SharePoint site.
If you select this option, then Dropthis for SharePoint will automatically assign a new unique name to the file before it is uploaded.
If you clear this option, DropThis for SharePoint will add a new version of the file to SharePoint (if you are using a versioned document library) or overwrite the existing file (if you are not using a versioned document library).
This check box is selected by default.
TIP: Hover your mouse pointer over this option. A tooltip appears with a brief description of this option.
Want some Logging?
You can set your error, warning, info, and debug logging levels, and enter the maximum size (in KB) of a file that will generate a log. This log can be used by Quest to help figure out what went wrong and to improve the product!
Once the maximum log size is reached, the current log file will be renamed to QuestDropThisForSP.log.bak. The QuestDropThisForSP.log file will start collecting logging information again until the limit is reached. Once it is reached again, the QuestDropThisForSP.log.bak file will be overwritten with the new logging information.

The QuestDropThisForSP.log and the QuestDropThisForSP.log.bak files are located where DropThis for SharePoint is installed.
If you do not want to generate a log file, select Off as the log level.

To view your log file, click View Logs.

The log file is saved at the location where you have Quest DropThis for SharePoint installed.
Whe you are done and ready to use Quest DropThis for SharePoint Click OK.
Using DropThis within Email
Really not a lot to cover here. As long as you have configured everytime you attach, after you hit SEND you will be prompted to take an action as per below.
You can type in a new SharePoint Path or choose one from the last 15 locations you DropThis to in the past. If you type in a new address, theDropThis will make sure its a good path, a check for good, an X for bad. TIP: Make sure the recipient has access to the Document Library as well, DropThis does not automate giving out permissions (but yes, its on our to do list!) Click Ok and DropThis will DropThis into SharePoint. This can take a bit of time if the file is large. After the mail is sent the recipient will see a small attachment notice in their email as per below: Quest DropThis has uploaded the following attachments into SharePoint: The link will take the recipient to the file on SharePoint.
What if I want to disable this addon?
We know there may be some good reasons to disable this app, so here are the instructions for that. Disabling Quest DropThis for SharePoint
To disable Quest DropThis for SharePoint for Microsoft Outlook 2003
  • From Outlook 2003, go to Tools | Options | Advanced Options | COM Add-Ins.
  • Clear the Quest DropThis for SharePoint check box.
  • Click OK.


To disable Quest DropThis for SharePoint for Microsoft Outlook 2007

  • From Outlook 2007, go to Tools | Trust Center.
  • From the Trust Center dialog box, select Add-Ins.
  • At the Manage drop-down box, select COM Add-Ins and click Go.
  • Clear the Quest DropThis for SharePoint check box.
  • Click OK. Disabling DropThis for SharePoint does not uninstall the application.
What if I want to uninstall?

Yep, you can do that as well.

To uninstall Quest DropThis for SharePoint

  • Select Start | Settings | Control Panel | Add or Remove Programs.
  • Select Quest DropThis for SharePoint 1.0 from the list of currently installed programs and click Remove.
  • Click Yes on the removal confirmation message.


Smart Feature: If you uninstall then reinstall, or upgrade Quest DropThis for SharePoint, your settings will be preserved.


This mini-Guide may be improved over time, have some suggestions for what should be in here, send our way