There is no one person in a team

You may all not be familiar with English sport but there was a team called Leicester who unexpectedly won the premier league soccer trophy last season.

As every season goes by there it is always the same four teams that are favourite to win the league - Chelsea, Manchester United, Manchester City and Arsenal.

Since the premier league started in 1992 until 2015 winners were Chelsea (4), Man Utd (13) Man City (2) and Arsenal (3) –except in the 1994-95 season when Blackburn won it.

Going into last season Chelsea were complete favourites, with football experts and the bookmakers, to win the league as it was a breeze for Chelsea the season before.

Problems occurred on the first match of the season as the previous manager Jose Mourinho fell out with Eva Carneiro the physio who came on to help an injured player. Mourinho was unhappy as Chelsea were drawing and it reduced the amount of players on the field for Chelsea to 9 as one player had already been sent off and - when the physio comes on- the player has to go off the field for a period of time. Chelsea fans like myself thought the poor start to the season was only going to be brief and we would soon be back to our winning ways with our superstar players who are paid a lot of money and the huge investment in the club. This did not happen as the likes of Eden Hazard (voted player of the year the previous season) and virtually the whole squad underperformed. This meant that during the season the manager was sacked and replaced, we did not get far in any tournaments, finished 10th in the league and so the amount of money coming into the club will be a lot less this year than in previous seasons.

The complete opposite happened to Leicester. They appointed a manger called Claudio Ranieri who people thought would be sacked after a few games, one of those being one of our foremost commentators, Gary Lineker who is a former Leicester player and a Leicester fan. They started off winning and were beating teams that they were not expected to. Leicester fans and other football fans thought this could not continue, the other four teams still remained favourites to win the league. Leicester carried on winning games, losing only three all season and won the title with games to spare. They were 5,000/1 to win the league at the beginning of the season.

The reason Leicester won the league was that there was no one player who thought they were above the rest, there was no one player paid a stupidly large amount of money - so the whole team were on an equal level. They all worked so well with each other - from the management team to the eleven players that gave everything week in, week out. Winning the league is a great reward for all of their fantastic work.

Winning the league has brought benefits as Leicester football club are now known around the world. This allows them to sell more merchandise and increase their income. They now reach audiences that they would have never touched before. For example, Algeria, as they have a player called Mahrez who is Algerian and now all the Algerian children want to follow in Mahrez steps. They want to wear the Leicester kit, wear the same football boots and watch Mahrez play for Leicester and Algeria. They can also attract players that would help their already tight knit team improve in certain areas so they can be a threat again this season to the ‘old gang’.

If you have a brilliant top class manager but disharmony in the playing squad then you will not accomplish your goal of success as the team is not working well. If you have a manger weather well know or not and click with the playing squad then this will build confidence and positivity in the team. The team will want to go the extra mile which can bring success.