Things in the Way of Advanced Analytics — Corporate Barriers [New E-book]

What obstacles are in the way of deploying advanced analytics in your organization?

Continuing this series on our new e-book, Break Down the Barriers to Better Analytics, in this post I’ll describe the corporate obstacles to getting the most out of analytics.

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Corporate barriers to deploying advanced analytics

Even after data preparation and data blending, there are still human factors and questions that slow down the adoption of analytics:

  • Lack of skills – Do you know what to look for in your data and how best to use the tools to find it? Whether data scientists really have the sexiest job of the 21st century or not, they have the reputation for knowing their way around big data and they are in high demand. Do you wait until you can afford your own data scientist, or start making moves to fill the skills gap now? Better yet, avoid the rush altogether with Collective Intelligence, which lets you link algorithms you develop in house with others in analytics marketplaces.
  • A culture of silos – When the C-suite mandates the adoption of analytics, what does it take to get everyone on board? Without a mind shift, the technology shift will likely encounter pockets of resistance and silos will form. A better, bilateral approach is to coordinate the top-down directive with ground-up support in the form of quick wins from the analytics staff in the trenches. But you have to score the quick wins.
  • Need for IT support – Your analytics project can become one more on a long wish list for IT. But do you really need IT support? It’s an assumption that bears scrutiny. Can’t you use tools that let you pull data together yourself and perform self-service analytics, data blending and visualization? The right tools will give you what you want without taxing IT.
  • Productivity drains – As an analytics executive, would you rather birddog data collection or work on building new data sets? The latter, of course. But corporate inertia can tie you up in building the cannon instead of loading and firing it. Focus on figuring out where in the company you can get the biggest analytics bang for the buck and talk to management about finding other people to manage the infrastructure. That’s a smart division of labor that transformed operating room outcomes for our customer, University of Iowa Hospitals and Clinics.

New e-book: Break Down the Barriers to Better Analytics

Our new e-book, Break Down the Barriers to Better Analytics, is filled with insights into the changing face of analytics; data preparation and data blending; and more of the corporate- and IT-centered barriers to using analytics efficiently in your organization. Read it to see how obstacles are meant to be overcome.