Things in the Way of Advanced Analytics IT Barriers [New E-book]

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“I live to break down barriers.”


“I embrace obstacles and I love overcoming them.”


“Life without adversity is boring.”


Do you have people around you who say things like that? They’re kind of exhausting, aren’t they?


One person’s barrier is another person’s challenge, I suppose, but most of us would rather take our analytics plain, thanks.


In my previous post about our new e-book, Break Down the Barriers to Better Analytics, I described the corporate obstacles to getting the most out of analytics. In this post I’ll cover more of what gets in the way of successfully deploying analytics, this time describing the IT obstacles.


IT barriers to deploying advanced analytics


Corporate barriers apply to nearly everyone in the company, but there are IT-specific barriers too:


  • Legacy systems – “She canna’ take any more, Captain. She’s gonna blow!” There’s Scotty in IT, telling you how the hardware/software/languages/structures around legacy data impede your ability to use it for analytics. He’s right, of course, in the long run. In the short run, look for reasons to replace old tech so you can take full advantage of the data bottled up inside it.
  • Complexity – How do you stay ahead of new types and sources of data? By upgrading and installing add-ons, which introduce complexity that you’ll have to deal with. Avoid products with dozens or hundreds of related SKUs; that’s a sign the vendor hasn’t thought analytics through completely.
  • Support and governance – You’ll want IT to weigh in on support, governance and compliance. What good is the product you select if your own colleagues don’t have the skills or bandwidth to administer it? Look for analytics products with built-in control, governance and security.


When you overcome the barriers in your IT group, you can speed your time to market with advanced analytics and respond quickly and accurately. Our customer Danske Bank Group ended up overcoming both internal, IT barriers and external, competitive disadvantages by turning new analytical models around faster.


New e-book: Break Down the Barriers to Better Analytics


Have a look at our new e-book, Break Down the Barriers to Better Analytics, for more insights into the changing face of analytics; data preparation and data blending; and the corporate- and IT-centered barriers to using analytics efficiently in your organization.


You’ll find plenty in the e-book to help you break down the barriers and get on to better analytics.