#ThinkChat- "Did You Hear about the Database with Columns and Rows?" with @ShawnRog and @DataGenius

I first heard the question above at a big data event in Boulder CO. Two young entrepreneurs were trying to decide what session to attend and one was titled RDBMS for Big Data. The young attendee was intrigued by the idea of a structured database environment because he had founded his company using Hadoop and was now running into some challenges with the solution. Hadoop has certainly disrupted the traditional data management landscape and in many ways has opened the door for new innovative strategies and techniques, but is it a silver bullet?

In this week’s #ThinkChat segment Krish Krishnan, President and CEO of Sixth Sense Advisors and I discuss Where Hadoop, NoSQL and other innovative technologies fit in your data landscape and how utilizing the best platform with the right data and workload can benefit your company from a economic and performance perspective.

#ThinkChat Conversation with Krish Krishnan Part 2 of 3