#ThinkChat- The Role of the Data Scientist with @ShawnRog and @DataGenius

Are your products and services ready to meet the needs of a new breed of data savvy and sophisticated consumers? As time goes by customer expectations are evolving quickly, personalization and low friction engagement is quickly becoming the norm and data driven systems are behind the innovation. Data scientists are helping companies gain insights and take deeper more meaningful action. But even this critical role is being redefined. It takes a village to orchestrate these innovative business initiatives and the role of data scientist may be better served by a team configuration.

In this week’s #ThinkChat segment Krish Krishnan, President and CEO of Sixth Sense Advisors and I discuss the need to be faster, smarter and more innovative to insure success and growth. Hadoop, MySQL, Spark are all disrupting the traditional landscape while enabling better analytics while the role of the data scientist is evolving.

#ThinkChat Conversation with Krish Krishnan Part 3 of 3