#ThinkChat Big Data Uses Cases and Pitfalls with @ShawnRog and @Tdav

As quants become more critical to your overall analytic environment there will be growing pains between them and the line of business executives they serve. Many business sponsors see quants as alien beings, math magicians from another planet. Quants can and do deliver extremely useful insights but it remains the responsibility of the business leader to transition that insight into valuable action. Feeding the need of an executive to “look” informed is a recipe for disaster. Its critical for a business leader to stay focused on action not just the collection of information.

In this week’s #ThinkChat segment Tom Davenport and I discuss the dynamics of quants and their business partners and touch on a few companies who are doing it right and getting high value from their investments in Big Data and Quants.

#ThinkChat Conversation with Tom Davenport Part 2 of 7

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