#ThinkChat "Smart Companies and Big Data Analytics" with @ShawnRog and @Tdav

Can traditional companies compete in the world of Big Data innovation? Yes, Yes, and yes. Companies like Ford Motors and Monsanto are embracing Big Data to find ways to innovate and leverage data to be more competitive. Each takes different paths to Big Data success by avoiding the temptation of “bright shining toy syndrome” (BSTS). The novelty of Big Data is enticing but won’t provide the ROI and value unless it’s embraced culturally and embedded into the strategy of a company. In this segment of #ThinkChat Tom Davenport and I discuss why it’s critical NOT to adopt Big Data just because your CEO read an article in a business magazine. Combine insights with action at the speed of your business to insure you deliver value.

 #ThinkChat Conversation with Tom Davenport Part 3 of 7

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