Thought Leaders in the Mix - April 2015

Our subject matter experts for Statistica and the Information Management Group (IMG) keep busy, staying abreast of current trends with big and small data, predictive software and real-world analytics solutions. And they frequently comment in industry publications, professional forums and blogs. Here are a few of their recent articles.
 Flexing Your Data Muscle with Analytics Agility
by John K. Thompson, General Manager for Advanced Analytics, Quest

Many businesses pursue analytics projects with the idea that they can respond ever more effectively to dynamic customer, market and business demands. Thompson describes the critical factors of analytics agility necessary to make this happen.



 IoT Connecting People to Create a Better World
by Mark Davis, Big Data Technologies Lead for Quest Group

Applied to the preponderance of connected monitoring, social psychology research suggests that increased public awareness of the Internet of Things around us will influence our daily choices for the better. Davis ruminates on this effect.



Shadow IT Isn't Going Away - and That's a Good Thing
by Joanna Schloss, business intelligence and analytics evangelist

In her latest CMSWire article, Schloss notes that the very term, "Shadow IT," portends rogue employees and covert operations, but such negative connotations are unwarranted. Shadow IT will only grow larger in a world of advanced analytics, so she examines the common myths to explain why businesses should want Shadow IT to thrive.