Thought Leaders in the Mix - Feb. 2016

Our subject matter experts for Statistica keep busy, staying abreast of current trends with big data and small data, IoT, predictive software and real-world analytics solutions. And they frequently comment in industry publications, professional forums and blogs--or produce videos, in some cases. Here are a few of their recent articles.
 Analytics overload: Why data optimization needs to be balanced
by Joanna Schloss, senior product marketing manager and BI/Analtyics SME, Dell Center of Excellence

Discussing how data analytics can enable healthcare professionals to provide a higher level of care, Joanna offers an overview in Building Better Healthcare, where she outline how professionals can apply this tool to drive innovation without losing value.

 Tech Predictions for 2016: The February #ThinkChat Recap
by Ryan McKinney, social media and communities advisor, Quest

Sad to see 2015 trends slip into the past? What's new in your world? Mix together some Statistica users, talking heads and subject matter experts, combine with a healthy dose of the analytics community on Twitter, and it turns out that everyone’s got something to share! Enjoy this recap of our monthly #TweetChat discussion.  

Looking Ahead: Predictive analytic platforms enable businesses to best serve customers and improve business processes
featuring Shawn Rogers, chief research officer and marketing director, Dell Statistica

Using the 2015 Forrester Wave report as a starting point to address the widespread applicability of advanced analytics, author Cassandra Ballentine taps our own Shawn Rogers (among others) for some additional insights. Rogers emphasizes that the application of advanced analytics is best driven by business needs rather than technological capabilities. Company size and data volume are not nearly as important as understanding data so that it can be used to improve the way you do business. 

 An Inflection Point for Dell Statistica
by John K. Thompson, general manager and executive director, Dell Statistica

John reflects on the journey that Statistica has taken since its inception with StatSoft in 1984 through its aggressive accomplishments with Dell in the past two years. With its latest industry recognition as a market leader, he anticipates the real journey is just beginning and explains why Statistica is up to the task. 

The Denver Broncos' Analytics Game
by Shawn Rogers (again)

Touching on key analytics lessons learned from Super Bowl 50, Shawn discusses the importance of getting a jump on the competition, improving current processes and changing organizational culture. In this CMSWire article, he outlines five lessons about winning with analytics that businesses can learn from how Denver went about winning this year’s big game.