Thought Leaders in the Mix - July 2015

Our subject matter experts for Statistica and the Information Management Group (IMG) keep busy, staying abreast of current trends with big and small data, predictive software and real-world analytics solutions. And they frequently comment in industry publications, professional forums and blogs. Here are a few of their recent articles.
 Walking the Line Between Innovation and Icky: Big Data and Privacy
by Shawn Rogers, chief information officer

With the advent and accessibility of big data technologies, there’s more and more data included in analytic work streams that simply wasn’t available before. Shawn Rogers describes how those companies who take advantage of such technologies must walk a fine line between innovation and "icky."



 The End of the (Manufacturing) World As We Know It"
by Paul Hiller, senior marketing analyst

We all know that smart data and the Internet of Things will optimize manufacturing processes, but that’s only the beginning. In this white paper, Paul Hiller addresses the impact of IoT on the general manufacturing landscape, looking beyond optimization to three mutations that will inevitably trend with IoT adoption. Free registration required.



"Quest, Microsoft and the 'All Data' Needs of SMBs"
by Joanna Schloss, business intelligence and analytics evangelist

The growth of so-called big data has not made small and mid-sized businesses less competitive or less innovative. In fact, it’s done just the opposite. Joanna touches on the Dell-Microsoft approach to helping SMBs drive innovation in ways previously reserved for the enterprise.