Three Ways Two-Factor Authentication Can Stop APTs from Spreading

Watch this It’s an unfortunate reality. Once advanced persistent threat (APT) attackers gain access to a single-factor password based authentication system, it’s relatively easy for them to spread their chaos. Watch this archived Randy Franklin Smith webcast, where he discusses three ways two-factor authentication can stop APTs from spreading.


Randy provides an in-depth technical review of two-authentication, and clears up some of the misperceptions about this system. He also addresses matters such as:


  • What are the best ways to implement two-authentication systems
  • Why self-registration and instant replacement are critical
  • What are the key industry standards that make two-factor rollouts simpler
  • Why it’s important to remain token-vendor agnostic
  • How to make two-factor authentication affordable for your organization


Plus, learn how Dell™ Defender self-registration and ZeroIMPACT migration capabilities facilitate easier rollouts.


In short, it’s a can’t-miss presentation if you’re concerned about network security threats.


Watch the webcast