Ticketmaster and SharePlex - Support, Replication and High Availability Since 2002

It’s nine in the morning and you’re hunched over your laptop or phone, taking a quick break from work. You and 25,000 other people on line are scrambling to book two tickets for Beyoncé (or Bieber or Bruno) the instant they go on sale. You have your order all queued up, and you’re just waiting for the stroke of 9:00 to click “Buy Now.”


What do you want to see three seconds after you’ve placed your order?

a)      “Unable to contact server. Please try your request again later.”

b)      “One moment while we process your request...”

c)      “Your order was successful. We hope you enjoy the show!”

Most people want the instant online gratification that comes from (c). And, when they’re making reservations for events through Ticketmaster and Live Nation, SharePlex is helping deliver that gratification through high availability and database replication.

SharePlex support for Ticketmaster – Since 2002

SharePlex has supported Ticketmaster for nearly a decade and a half. Since Ticketmaster’s merger with Live Nation in 2010, SharePlex has been at the heart of high availability for a combined volume of 27 million monthly unique visitors, one of the world’s highest.

The mission statement of Ticketmaster’s Database Services team includes being responsible for “availability of enterprise data.” That is why the team has continuously relied on SharePlex to support its landmark Oracle database migrations: a zero-downtime migration from Oracle 8i to 10g in 2007, and another upgrade from Oracle 10g to 11g in 2010.

The team cites in particular the technically proficient and competent support staff behind SharePlex, who are helpful and knowledgeable in answering customer questions and addressing issues. Ticketmaster database architect Andrew Yee was pleased to discover that, whether you call in or submit a request, “your SharePlex request gets routed directly to SharePlex technicians, not to a general support queue that then requires triage. The response times are quick and impressive, which has helped us be more effective in our replication setup.”

On-demand webcast: How Ticketmaster Depends on SharePlex for Reliable Database Replication

Yee’s comments are similar to those we hear from other customers as well. Quest, including SharePlex, has won the Confirmit ACE (Achievement in Customer Excellence) Award six times for outstanding achievement in customer satisfaction, employee satisfaction and partner satisfaction. Over 11 quarters, Quest has achieved 95 percent customer satisfaction, and over seven quarters, a 75 percent net promoter score (NPS).

I’ll have more details in my next post about Ticketmaster’s replication scheme and the role that SharePlex support has played in high availability since 2002. Meanwhile, watch an on-demand webcast, How Ticketmaster Depends on SharePlex for Reliable Database Replication, presented by Andrew Yee. It will help you understand why you go from “Buy Now” to “Your order was successful” so quickly when you purchase through Ticketmaster.