Time Travel with Foglight Storage Manager

When you are trying to understand what went wrong last night, two days ago, or last week wouldn’t be nice if you could look at the configuration and performance of your environment as it was back then? These days, with software defined everything, changes happen constantly, and often without storage administrator involvement. More than that, changes happen automatically without human intervention.

When someone complain that the batch job last week was running too long, legacy management tools may show a view that can be very different from the view you would see when this job was actually running.

Fortunately, with Foglight Storage Manager (formerly vFoglight Storage Manager), you can “go back in time” and explore your environment precisely the way it was when the events happened. Have a look at right top corner of the screen shot below:

By default, you will be presented with the current date and time representing the current view. To view the environment at a specific point in time, you click on the drop down where the current date/time is shown and go to a specific window.

As you move the bar in the time window, not only will charts and data metrics be updated to represent a particular time period, but your topology will also change to represent your environment at this time.

Another cool way of choosing what period of time to look at is from the charts. For example, when you examining competing IO on a particular LUN in your virtual environment.

You can zoom into a particular period of time , for example a peak on the chart by selecting a period of time on the time axis:

Your chart will zoom into the period that you have selected on the time axis. But that’s not all that interesting by itself. What you can now do is set the time period for the entire dashboard right from the chart by moving the mouse to the left top corner of the chart and press the icon with a clock in the square brackets:

It will have same effect as setting up a time range in the time control we have discussed earlier.

As you can see, time travel is easy with Foglight Storage Manager which gives you a view of both configuration and performance data from a few hours or days ago!