Tips and Tricks to Optimize Your Virtual Environment: Recorded Webcast Available

For a mechanic, there’s no feeling quite like turning a motor over and finally having it fire up. But as we all know, just because a car runs doesn’t mean it runs well. Virtual environments are no different. It may be up and running, but too often it’s not operating at peak efficiency. And as you may have guessed, there are several common issues that lead to sub-par performance in a virtual environment. These are common root issues that lead to an array of problems and inefficiencies. By proactively addressing issues, you will save time and money by utilizing the full capabilities of your system’s resources and avoiding the need to constantly put out small surface fires. You will also be able to automate routine tasks and free up time to tackle other projects.


Do you know how to optimize your virtual environment? Listen to a webcast here.


In a recent webcast, Quest’s Mark Edwards and globally-recognized IT author and strategic consultant Greg Shields of Concentrated Technology highlighted some best practices to address common issues. An efficient virtual environment has to be expertly tailored to each individual organization’s needs and altered along the way. In the webinar, Mark and Greg combine their expertise to help you solidify the foundation of your virtual environment so you can expertly manage it as demands change.


Want a sneak peek of the “Top 9 Virtualization Optimization Tips and Tricks”?

  • Building vSphere Clusters without Reserves: Particularly in small environments, administrators tend to have difficulties allocating resources appropriately for vSphere clusters. This causes issues in a variety of scenarios, such as a vSphere host loss. Learn how to appropriately allocate resources so key systems always remain functional.


  • Buying Powerful Hosts: You may be on cloud nine after buying the biggest, baddest host you could afford but you could be setting yourself up for disaster. Learn what issues could arise from adding a powerful host to the mix before spending big money. No virtualization admin wants to answer questions about why their big investment is causing issues instead of solving them.


  • Leaving VMs Powered On: DBAs and IT managers have become accustomed to leaving machines on at all times. However, you could be turning your back on significant cost savings. Learn how to keep your environment running on all cylinders while directly impacting your organizations bottom line. Trust me, efforts like that don’t go unnoticed by the “powers that be”….


As innovative hardware and software continues to hit the market, the tactics required to best manage them change. Make sure you are approaching the virtual environment in a way that’s right for today’s virtual environment. Learn more by listening to the webcast here. These tips will undoubtedly help you save time and headaches while further proving your value to the executive suite.


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