Tips to Help Save Time With Your Data Backup and How to Reuse That Time

We’ve spoken a lot over the past few weeks about how to save time in the planning, building and execution of your data protection environment, and even published an eBook: 5 Ways to Save Time and Money  on Your Data Backups – and Impress Your Boss to help.

Top 3 takeaways from this discussion:

  • Know and really understand your Service Level Agreements (SLAs) – including what is needed and expected by business function and application.
  • Simplify: if there is anything that eats away at your time, it’s overly complex systems that need constant baby-sitting. Simplify your systems wherever possible, including adopting more automation and reducing the number of service vendors you may need to rely on.
  • Plan for the future: accept the fact that the amount of data you need to backup (and potentially recover) is going to continue to grow. In addition, you are in the business of doing business, and thus your business will grow. Plan for scalability and growth, so when you reach a “data milestone” you, and your bosses, will be prepared.

 So if you have followed our advice, and you have executed on your plan, the next logical question is – what are you going to do with all that time you have saved? You don’t want to waste it chatting about nonsense in the break room.

 After a very unscientific poll amongst co-workers, customers and friends, here are some of the top ideas:

 Work related:

  • Clean out your email: probably the number one answer, at least from folks in marketing and administration. After all, over-flowing email boxes aren’t just a pain, they are a security risk.
  • Build a lab: some of the engineering folks have taken to liberating older, out of service equipment and building make-shift labs for experimentation. Personally, I can’t vouch for any actual solution that has come from it, but sounds like fun, nonetheless.
  • Competitive research: In the internet age, with so much information at or fingertips, many folks feel they don’t spend enough time catching up on their competitors’ activities
  • Clean the fridge: Ok, this came from one of our office managers, but a valid point.
  • Deflate the balls: Does your organization have a recreational flag football, soccer or basketball team? User your new found time to deflate the balls (just a bit!) and ensure victory!

 Non-work related

  • Review the previews for Star Wars episode VII: Those blogs aren’t going to write themselves
  • Prank your co-workers: The cube full of packing peanuts is always a favorite. Just remember, it all rolls downhill, so don’t prank a superior, no matter how “cool” they might seem.
  • See the family: If you work in IT, particularly in backup and recovery, we can assume you have been called in at some pretty inopportune hours due to server crashes, lost files and the like. Take back some of that time you lost and give it to your loved ones.
  • Get outside: Summer is coming. Get some air!


Use the comments section below to tell us what you would do with your free time!