Toad Ranks #1 as Database Development and Optimization Tool

SharePlex #3 Replication Tool in 2014 Worldwide Revenue from IDC


It’s always great to get a pat on the back from an independent source like IDC. In their recently released report titled Worldwide Database Development and Management Tools Market Shares, 2014: Year of the Secure Database (November 2015), IDC reported Quest in the #1 position for Worldwide Database Development and Optimization Software with Toad, and the #3 position for Worldwide Database Replication Software with SharePlex.

Here are a few highlights of the report:

  • Good news – The whole pie is getting bigger. The worldwide market for database development and management tools (DDMT) increased by 2.2 percent in 2014, to $2.2 billion.
  • Better news – Dell’s piece of the pie is growing even faster. “Of the top 5 vendors [in DDMT], only Dell showed significant growth [13.7% market share], due to the continued popularity of its Toad product line for database management and SharePlex for database replication,” according to Carl W. Olofson, research vice president for Database Management Software at IDC.
  • Brightest news – Olofson calls database development and optimization software “the brightest light in the DDMT picture overall, with 9% market growth.” Dell’s Toad product line tops the category with 20.8 percent growth, contributing substantially to that bright light.
  • Cool news for DBAs – Regarding the fast growth, Olofson writes that “Dell’s Toad has developed a cult-like following, proving that database management can be cool.” Tell that to the people who think we’re all geeks.
  • Good news for replication – Dell is the leading independent DDMT software vendor without its own DBMS. In the submarket of Worldwide Database Replication Software, SharePlex came in third in revenue, with 16.8% market share.

If you’re already using Toad and SharePlex, the IDC report should validate your choice. If you’re still using other products and thinking you’re ready for a change, download a trial of Toad or SharePlex and experience the difference, first hand.