Top 10 Active Directory Tune-up Tips #ActiveDirectory @DellSoftware

10 tips to keep Active Directory running smoothly, as identified by Azaleos, now a part of Avanade:



  1. Stay current with critical security hot fixes. Be vigilant about Domain Controller security.
  2. Build an Active Directory test lab. Safely test your changes and ideas in a sandbox.
  3. Plan, document and test a strategy for Active Directory backups and disaster recovery. Prepare for the storms.
  4. Plan your upgrade from Windows Server 2003 domains and forests to Windows Server 2008 R2. Bring a new feature set to the table.
  5. Perform your own general Active Directory health check. Bring looming problems to the surface.
  6. Use Distributed File System (DFS) and (-R)eplication with file servers. Raise the bar on file sharing.
  7. Leverage Group Policy in order to efficiently manage policy across your enterprise. Centralize control.
  8. Activate the new AD recycle bin feature for no-cost additional protection. Prepare for the big OOPS.
  9. Simplify and optimize Active Directory replication topology. Direct the data flow.
  10. Plan now to consolidate a fragmented AD enterprise. Simplify and unify administration.


Read the full article from IT Business Edge
to learn more about each of these 10 tips.



How Active Administrator Can Help


Then discover how Active Administrator simplifies and automates many of these best practices by:



  • Helping you be vigilant with Domain Controller security, with Active Administrator delegation, auditing reports and templates for consistent creation of permissions
  • Providing a sandbox environment to safely test GPOs offline
  • Automating backup and recovery of AD objects
  • Assessing the health of your AD environment
  • Centralizing control of your Group Policy management
  • Preparing you for the "big OOPS" with granulated recovery of entire AD objects, individual attributes or even just permissions. Easily compare before and after values to correct mistakes.



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