Top 10 Reasons that vRanger is Simply Better!

Last week, we announced a new edition of vRanger called Standard Edition (SE). Version 5 of the vRanger product, introduces SE to offer simpler, more streamlined capabilities -- which are better focused on the exact backup and recovery requirements of SMB environments. This streamlined focus makes vRanger SE faster to trial, deploy and operate. Quest has introduced vRanger SE at a more affordable price, as well, to offer simpler, faster, more affordable backup and recovery for SMB environments.

vRanger Pro will continue to be offered, with all of the scalability features valued in larger-scale VMware environments. As a rule of thumb, Quest has suggested that 10 CPUs is about the limit for working with vRanger SE. Organizations with above 10 CPUs, are better suited to the capabilities offered in vRanger Pro. Also, should an organization with fewer than 10 CPUs prefer, that organization can certainly also purchase vRanger Pro rather than vRanger SE.

Here are some of the reasons that vRanger Pro offers simply better data protection for any VMware environment:

  1. It's faster. Which means you can get your backup jobs complete sooner, with fewer resources. You can also finish recovery faster, which is the point of any backup: FLR of Windows and Linux guests, FlashRestore recovery (coming in 5.5), individual database restore, and full image -- you decide.
  2. It's simpler to manage. vRanger uses patent-pending, agent-free design -- to preserve central manageability, while distributing processing loads and data movement into the environment. No need to track agents, extensive licensing, equipment and OS upgrades and the like. Focus on your REAL job, instead!
  3. It's more affordable. vRanger SE offers the lowest entry point for backup and recovery, the lowest entry point for replication, and simple upgrade to the the vRanger Pro product with the switch of a license key. All vRanger editions and vReplicator, are built from the same code-base with 5 on.
  4. It's more scalable. vRanger is built to take best advantage of VMware resources-- with distributed processing, direct-to-target data movement, and parallel job execution. Native, full catalog -- patent-pending -- provides simple, fast recovery of precisely what you need by making is simple and fast to search and find it from the backup repository.
  5. It's more resource-efficient. vRanger implements dynamic resource management, to execute jobs as quickly as possible using VMware resources - but without overrunning those resources. Tape-friendly, portable backup images offer lower cost media options, use less network bandwidth, and require less disk storage. Simpler backup server hardware is required, at lower cost.
  6. It preserves your storage investment. In version 5, vRanger Pro offers LAN-free, fibre channel (FC) backup and RECOVERY support. Our unique repository design, enables better value from de-duplication appliances including Exagrid and Data Domain storage. A wide variety of storage targets are supported, including NFS/NAS, FTP and CIFS.
  7. It manages images with better integrity. vRanger does not depend on Synthetic Full to deliver efficient backup and recovery. Instead, vRanger keeps archives intact -- and uses Synthetic Recovery to speed restore without compromising backup images. This means that compliance regulations and oversight requirements are easier for you to meet.
  8. It's more flexible. Backup and restore jobs can run simultaneously. Backup and replication jobs do not compete for resources on the same, single backup server. Deploy backup and replication where you want them - which may not be on the same server, although it can be. Recovery on-the-fly is built-in -- because agents are not required.
  9. It has superior Exchange OLR. Exchange is run more often in VMware guests, than ever before. Don't get stuck using native Exchange tools, which limit you to JUST deleted email message recovery. Gain the option, to restore entire Exchange mailboxes - or select individual email, attachments, contacts, folders - with advanced search and recovery options in Quest Recovery Manager for Exchange (RME). RME is supported with both vRanger SE and vRanger Pro 5 versions.
  10. It combines everything needed for local and wide-area disaster recovery. vRanger Pro 5 offers everything that you need, all in a single product licenses - with a single deployment, management console, and integrated job management. Flexible deployment options are still preserved - meaning that you can deploy backup on one server and replication on another, depending on what you need.

For a reminder of these "Top 10" reasons, see the attached "Top 10" sheet.