Top 10 Ways that Foglight for Virtualization, Free Edition can Help you (yes, you!)

Are you looking for ways to maximize the resources of your physical servers? You could already have the right tool for the job - Foglight for Virtualization, Free edition can help you push your server utilization higher than ever before while still trying not to over-saturate your resources and cause application performance degradation. Here are the top 10 ways Foglight for Virtualization, Free Edition can help:


        1. Easily manage snapshots
        2. Quickly identify memory limits
        3. Track infrastructure changes and assess the risk they pose
        4. Pinpoint wasted or constrained resources to perform virtual machine sizing
        5. Effortlessly measure virtual machine density
        6. Get insight into virtual infrastructure waste and how much you could save by addressing the problems
        7. Know how many VM's, hosts, resource pools, datacenters, vApps, templates, and snapshots you have and the status of each
        8. Visualize storage latency
        9. Determine how many more virtual machines can be added utilizing your current resources
        10. Prevent over-allocation of physical resources


Read more about these tips in the Top 10 ways that Free Edition can help you maximize the resources of your physical servers and get the most out of your virtual environment white paper: