Top 3 Headaches of Storing #SharePoint Data in SQL. Watch the recording with @CMcNulty2000 now. #qSharePoint

Missed our SharePoint externalization webcast the other day? Not to worry, you can still learn about the Top Three Headaches for Storing SharePoint Data in SQL!

Top Three Headaches of Storing SharePoint Data in SQL

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Now that your users are using SharePoint, you’re left with a new problem: your SharePoint content databases are exploding in SQL because users are uploading everything from multiple versions of that 10 MB PowerPoint document to images of their pet Beagle on their MySites. We all know that SQL wasn’t designed to store SharePoint data, but for now its all you’ve got and its causing you plenty of headaches:


  • An increase in help desk complaints about SharePoint’s slow performance
  • Constant nagging by the SQL DBA team because your content databases are taking up too much costly SQL storage
  • Extremely slow SharePoint migrations as all those large and old files hit your SQL server


In this webcast recording, you’ll discover how to reliably decrease your dependency and costs associated with SQL storage while ensuring SharePoint data accessibility, performance and upgradeability.

Watch the Recording