Top 5 White Papers for Your Top Desktop Management Challenges

1. Solving Desktop Challenges for Education

This white paper explains how Desktop Authority Management Suite from Dell provides the granular control over Windows desktops and applications that higher education and K-12 organizations need to increase efficiency, reduce costs, meet internal requirements and enhance overall security.

2. In Desktop Management, One Size Does Not Fit All

One of the biggest complexities in desktop management is the fact that no organization has a single desktop configuration need.

3. Killing Administrator: Solving Three Problems by Removing Administrative Rights

It’s time we eliminated the role of Administrator from our Windows servers and desktops.

4. Balancing Desktop Standardization with User Needs

Adopting a “corporate standard desktop” has undeniable benefits: it lowers overhead, reduces maintenance, and increases both stability and security.

5. Desktop Authority for Microsoft SCCM

Add granular user environment control to System Center Configuration Manager.