Tri's Top 5 New Year's Resolutions

Drum roll please.... And these are not in priority order.


1) Disconnect from the digital noise and do some real thinking - Seeing some hype in the media about folks no longer using email or less frequently (ATOS & IBMer). Good for them... In 2011, I had over 44,681 emails sent to me. That is over 170 email per work day. I dare not share how many unreads I had . While I can't go to the extreme of throwing out email, I do plan on blocking out some quiet time (1 hour a day) to focus on some strategic thinking.


2) Read some more. Ok. A lot more... If you're leading, you'd better be reading!!! In 2011, I read 11 1/2 books. Close to finishing the last one but didn't quite get there. My goal is to ramp this up to at least 20 books and stay up to date on relevant news events. How I plan on staying up to speed on news events is leveraging that nifty app called pulse news. Books might be challenging but thanks to a plethora of online book readers and stores this is easier then ever.


3) CPEs to maintain my CISSP credentials - The rule is you've got 3 years and must have 120 CPEs attained with minimum of 20 a year. I'm embarrassed to put up the number of CPEs I had in 2011 but let's just say I've been slacking. There are some great resources suggestions available from "10 Ways to Get Free CPE’s for Your CISSP" by Mitchell Rowton.


4) Keep up to date on relevant Microsoft Exchange news - If it has anything to do with Exchange, I need to stay up on the 411. Here are a few resources that I know of. For Exchange - nothing beats the Exchange Team Blog, spending time at Redmond Campus along with a week at the Microsoft Worldwide Partner Conference. I'm sure there are a ton of other resources but these are the few that I tap into.


5) Slow down and appreciate life - Have you ever just stopped and thought about all the folks that directly or indirectly support you. I'm truly amazed at the talent that I'm surrounded with at work and the relentless pursuit we have to provide best in class products, services and support. Don't even let me get started about my family. I am truly blessed.


While there are a ton more, these were the ones worth sharing. I'm looking forward to a great 2012 and while this post wasn't too focused on specific technologies or anything like that, it paves the way for the upcoming year. I'll be spending more time blogging about these items in detail

Happy 2012,