Troubleshooting Group Policy. What Ails You?


Group Policy usually works pretty well. But when it doesn’t, how are you approaching your troubleshooting?


I know the worst thing you can do: Immediately run out to the desktop and start troubleshooting. Think about that for a second. You actually don’t know what’s wrong, but you’ve got your guns, knives, poising, and rat traps at the ready.


Take a big breath first, and try to figure out some key things: What’s wrong, when did it start, what changed, and, what is the message? For instance, I cannot tell you how many times I’ve heard “The Internet is down.”


I love that one. In reality, someone’s email has stopped working or their network cable is unplugged. Simple! (If you know where to look.)


Well, this blog entry isn’t about troubleshooting someone’s email. It’s about troubleshooting Group Policy.


When something goes wrong in Group Policy-land, I panic too. I’m human. So, let’s review some of the more common mistakes (that even I still make!) in my article The Top 4 Problems with Group Policy.


It doesn’t have to be a headache trying to troubleshoot Group Policy, I show you a few methods in my video, Common Group Policy Troubleshooting Techniques.


Learn some quick fixes to help you get back into Group Policy business !