True Story: IT Wins Over Control-freaky Marketing Dude

Marketing people. Control freaks, every one of them. And I should know; I am one (a control freak marketing dude). As a marketing person I get to talk to customers frequently about how they use our solutions. Let me give you an example I heard recently that “spoke” to me: it’s the case of “John” and an email security issue he faced.


John runs the marketing department for his company. His group has been tasked to partner with Sales and work on a pitch to win over a new, high-profile client on a very sensitive business topic. He formed a core team to work on the pitch and thought the information would be kept to the team only.


But it wasn’t just kept to the team only. John was forwarded an email from someone outside of Marketing with sensitive information about the pitch. Naturally, he was angry and went to the CIO and said, “Tell me every mailbox that has this PowerPoint attachment in it. And hurry!!!” He wanted this sensitive, potentially competitively-damaging information to disappear! And now!


If you were faced with this challenge, how would you quickly (read: yesterday) search for an individual email or attachment, wherever it might be located? What mechanism would you use to search message headers, all types of message classes, categories, deleted items, conversation threads and attachments, as well as voicemail, missed calls and fax messages?


The IT department at John’s company found the solution in Quest. Quest provides the ability to search and export from online Exchange Server mailboxes and live public folders, among other sources. Quest's solution selectively retrieves only the data that is needed rather than all data from a server, database or file. Most importantly, Quest's solution utilizes a single pane of glass to search for messages in whatever silo they might be hiding in, saving valuable time and effort.


If controlling email is a problem for your organization, there are ways you can proactively capture, store and retain email for long-term e-mail discovery purposes, as well as ways to identify top domains emailed and senders. Get control and win over your control-freaky marketing dude!