Unprecedentedly fast granular SharePoint restore with Quest Recovery Manager for SharePoint 3.1

By Ilia Sotnikov


Last week the latest version 3.1 of Recovery Manager for SharePoint became available. I wanted to talk about the new feature in this version that makes Recovery Manager the only product in the market that provides the best possible SharePoint content restoration granularity and speed. And the best part is you don’t need any more additional backup created for that.


As Joel explained in his earlier post, all data that you upload to SharePoint is stored in the content database in SQL. So whether you back up your databases with SQL management plans, via SharePoint Central Administration, or with Quest LiteSpeed for SQL Server. Unlike other solutions available on the market, Recovery Manager is now able to retrieve any document or SharePoint object from within the database backup files without expanding the entire database. From single item up to entire site collection, and everything in between, including permissions, metadata, workflow states and associations, etc.


That’s it. Your user needs a single document back in SharePoint? Or maybe few list items? Or a SharePoint site? No longer you have to retrieve your entire 100GB database for that. No requirement for a recovery farm either. And no need to duplicate the backup infrastructure, create additional resource-intensive item-level backups, and store them. Recovery Manager simply retrieves exactly what you need directly from the database backup file. You can rapidly restore the data back to its original location, or a different SharePoint site or farm, or simply save files and document libraries to a local disk or file share.


This great functionality would not be possible if Quest as a company were solely focused on SharePoint. But thanks to Quest’s deep expertise in SQL Server management and backup areas, we can leverage the Object Level Recovery technology from the Quest LiteSpeed team. Note that LiteSpeed is not required for this enhanced backup analysis and restore speed, but of course can bring additional value by minimizing SQL backup time and storage requirements.


Combined with rest of Recovery Manager functionality such as search across multiple backups, tiered delegation via web access interface, and secure access to backup files, this makes Recovery Manger truly the most advanced granular SharePoint recovery solution available on the market today. Visit the product page at https://www.quest.com/ to learn more about Recovery Manager and download fully functional 30-days free trial to see it in action.