Upcoming Webcast: AD Audits: Top 7 Questions to Answer When Auditors Look at Account Management and Access Control in Active Directory

May 17, 2012, 11:00 AM Eastern Time


At the core, Active Directory is all about users and groups. I suppose you could include computer accounts and group policy objects too, but that is more about Windows system management and the core function of a directory which is managing people and their access.


Auditors are savvy to the significance of Active Directory and your controls over user account lifecycle and access management and I can’t think of an area more important to prepare for and that’s what I’ll help you with in this webinar. As you may know, I teach auditors how to audit AD and other technologies and perform such projects for clients each year. So I’ll show you the top questions to expect and we’ll discuss the best ways to be ready to answer them.


Actually, I don’t think you should have to prepare for audits. What I mean by that is that ideally your controls and processes will already generate the documentation needed for auditors. So I’ll look at different ways to implement necessary record keeping into your controls. Methods range from simple spreadsheets, to SharePoint lists with workflow and for true enterprise account management and access control we’ll discuss technology solutions that provide a much higher level of automation, including the event’s sponsor, the very powerful AD Management tool - ActiveRoles Server from Quest software. Quest’s Jonathan Sander assists customers with Identity and Access Management problems so his insights will be valuable.