Update on 2012 GroupWise Plans

In a post late last year, I outlined our "big plans" for GroupWise in 2012. As we roar through the second quarter of the year, I thought it was an appropriate time to provide an update on these activities.


Coexistence Manager for GroupWise (CMG) - GroupWise 7 support is still in high demand and I am happy to announce CMG 1.1 will be generally available on Monday, April 30th. In addition to supporting GroupWise 7, this version also includes support for TLS, performance counters, and several other features as well.


GroupWise Migrator for Exchange - GME 4.0 released on January as planned. This version includes:


  • Expanded Office 365 support
  • Tight integration with Quest's Coexistence Manager for GroupWise (CMG)
  • Directory provisioning and mailbox creation directly to Office 365 or leveraging Microsoft's Online Services DirSync tool
  • Automated routing updates in both directions
  • Migration of resource functionality
  • Provisioning of public distribution lists (PDLs) to Office 365.
  • Migration to Personal Archives (Office 365 or On-premises)
  • Tooltips added throughout the interface to assist with configuration
  • "Private" attribute maintained during migration
  • Delayed send support
  • Additional data elements extract by Directory Exporter from GroupWise
  • New GME Scenarios Guide documentation


In addition, GME 4.1 will be generally available in June and includes technology to convert GroupWise recurring and custom recurring meetings into recurrence rules (with exceptions as needed) in Exchange. Historically, as a result of how appointments are created & stored in GroupWise, the instances of a recurring series were preserved, but the recurrence "link" between them was lost. This advanced conversion technology will greatly simplify the process of updating meetings after the migration and will be unique to the market.


Finally, our efforts to build a GroupWise source for Quest's OnDemand Migrator for Email is progressing very well and we are planning for a June release of this SaaS platform as well. This will provide another migration option that does not require migration hardware or software installation.


I will provide another update as we approach the June releases.