Updated SCSI HotAdd Availability with vSphere 5.1

Good news for those of you protecting VMs with vRanger installed in a virtual machine, and for those using vRanger VA-based backup.

With vSphere 5.1, VMware has changed the license policy for the SCSI HotAdd VDDK advanced transport method so that it is now always available!

Per VMware VDDK 5.1 Release Notes:


Licensing. In vSphere 5.1, the SCSI HotAdd feature is always available. In vSphere 5.0, SCSI HotAdd was enabled only for vSphere editions Enterprise and higher, which have Hot Add licensing enabled. No separate Hot Add license was available for purchase as an add-on. Therefore, customers who used backup products (including VMware Data Recovery) with vSphere Essentials or Standard edition were not able to perform proxy-based backup.

We're working add support of the new VDDK to vRanger.

This serves as an update to my earlier post from 25-May-2012.