Use Central Store to Get on the Same Page

Microsoft had a problem. The problem was, there was no way to centrally update all the Group Policy’s policy settings when new templates came out. For instance, if there were three administrators at a company, then there was no way to ensure that they were all “at the same revision level.”


Harry might have access to 100% of the policy settings, Jane might have access to 90%, and Fred might have only 80%.


This can be super confusing those administrators, because they each see different policy settings when they edit a GPO.


Enter the Central Store, which I explain more about in my article Centralizing Group Policy with Central Store.


The job of the Central Store is to, well, Centralize the possible policy settings so everyone’s on the same page.


And it isn’t hard to do. Check out my video How to Create a Group Policy Central Store.


Have you had issues with other admins overwriting your GPO settings? Have you found a way to fix the problem, other than using Central Store?