Users have an Android or iOS device? MessageStats has you covered!

You may already be aware that Quest MessageStats includes a Windows Mobile Report Pack. However, this Report Pack is somewhat misnamed as it actually reports against all mobile devices that connect to Exchange via Exchange ActiveSync. This includes iPhones/iPads/iPods and Android phones/tablets as well as Windows Mobile Devices.


All the usual filter and grouping options apply and you can use the Report Pack to create an inventory and history of your users and their devices. For example, here is a a filtered list of iOS devices grouped by a particular firmware revision:


You can now look for devices that may require an upgrade, devices that appear to be inactive and could thus be reprovisioned or even devices that have a firmware version that may be problematic with your messaging platform. All this at no extra cost if you are already licensed for MessageStats.


Find out more on this and other Report Packs for MessageStats at our website.


Joel Blaiberg

Product Manager