Using "buy funnels" to pinpoint technical app issues

Business teams are quite familiar with buy funnels that track conversion rates in eCommerce apps. But you might not be aware that there is also huge value in having the IT team watch them in real time as well.


I was talking with a Foglight APM user the other day about how their IT team uses buy funnel analysis to proactively identify issues with the application. They had made it a point to watch buy funnels in their Foglight installation in order to ensure that IT was supporting the business conversion goals. The team noticed conversions dipping and started exploring the sessions that had left the funnel. In replaying the sessions in Foglight, they noticed that promotion codes were failing as customers were trying to check out. Investigating further, they found that a promotion code had been entered into the system, but that the insert had failed. The team quickly corrected the promotion code problem and watched the conversion rate climb.


This is a great example of what can happen when IT starts looking beyond typical IT measures. When IT establishes measures that align to the business, in terms both teams can understand, it creates a strong collaboration point that allows the teams to drive forward together.


I am at Velocity this week with several of my co-workers, including thought leaders from the development team, who will be delivering a talk on the value of mashing up transactional and other data sources to solve application problems and align to the business. Come say hi to us if you are at Velocity NY!