Using Labels to Automate & Alleviate

Constant assistance with your users for little things can be time consuming and frustrating. Software that is not only unsupported, but actually breaks essential tools can be a nightmare. Other times there are policies that our users need to follow but always seem to “forget”. Why not use the built in Alerts, coupled with smart labels, to help you manage this? Two great examples that come from real world enterprises are laid out here for your consumption!

What if all of your web tools work great in Internet Explorer but always seem to break if Chrome is installed?  Create a smart label of machines that have Chrome. Then in Reports – Alerts you can create an alert that goes out every day to that label of machines with Chrome notifying your users that it isn’t supported and can actually prevent them from being able to do their work.

Another example would be if you needed your machines rebooted at a regular basis.  Create a smart label of machines that have an uptime of more than your window and schedule an alert to go out every day only to that label letting your users know of the policy and that they need to reboot.

Both examples provide a consistent, professional message to your users to help you manage your enterprise without your IT department having to dedicate resources to check on the issues.  And as you are sending out these reminders automatically, you can know for certain that your users didn’t “forget”.

Be creative!  What do you have to tell your users three times a week? Make a smart label, make an alert to go with it, and take that constant conversation off of your plate.