Using Oracle Enterprise Manager? See How Toad™ DBA Suite for Oracle® Complements It - Part 2 of 3

Under the Hood: Database Maintenance

In my last post I described the Toad™ DBA Suite for Oracle® technical brief we recently released, and how the Toad DBA Suite can make performance management – diagnosis, tuning SQL and indexing – much easier for you.

In this post I’ll summarize the section of the technical brief on database maintenance, which includes common tasks like running scripts, generating reports, assessing security threats and comparing schemas and databases. As in the last post, you can accomplish all these tasks in Oracle Enterprise Manager (OEM) alone, but I think it takes too long. We built Toad DBA Suite so you can do it more efficiently.

Creating a table similar to an existing table – with easier navigation

This simple, common task brings up two typical advantages of Toad DBA Suite: Not only does it take fewer steps to execute, but you don’t have the overhead of launching a new web page at every step. You open the Schema Browser, right-click the desired table and select Create Like.

You’re accomplishing the same thing in OEM, but with a new web page at almost every step: Targets, Databases, Instance, Administration, Schema Tables, etc. It may be convenient for maintaining a database from a computer anywhere in the world, but if you do most of your database administration from your regular workstation, it’s a big downside for a little upside.

Getting an overview of all your databases – in one window

Suppose you want an overview of the databases you’re managing, several of which may be running on the same host. You’re likely to want information on the data files, memory layout or top sessions.

With OEM you can find CPU information on the Database Home Page, but memory and tablespace layout are on two other pages.

The Database Browser in Toad DBA Suite shows you information on all of your managed databases, combined in a single view, with access to database and schema objects in the navigator. It gives you a bigger picture of all your managed databases instead of a picture of just one database at a time.

Mind you, each of these products has database maintenance features that the other does not have, and page 11 of the technical brief includes a detailed feature comparison. But besides the convenient overview in the Database Browser, Toad’s other big advantage in database maintenance is the Automation Designer, which lets you set up a group of tasks and run them against multiple managed databases, rather than running them separately for each database. That can save you a lot of time and drudgery.

One more thing: If you ever needed to run any of these tasks while you’re out of the office, MyToad enables you to run Apps and Actions created in Automation Designer remotely from a mobile device.

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