vFog 6.5: Hyper V, just like VMware?

I just got asked if our Hyper V offering would provide the same capabilities as our VMware one? The answer isn't a nice yes or no but a shade of grey. So not to be evasive the answer is yes up to a point as you can see from the screen below:

The challenge here is that Hyper V as a platform is neither as sophisticated nor as mature yet as VMware, as such it doesn't provide or expose nearly as much, though I am sure it will in time. So for now we capture what we can. Much is similar but there are challenges in that real memory consumption rather than the allocation is not exposed so undertaking some capacity planning and measured resource utilizatation based chargeback are not as accurate as for VMware but otherwise if you are familiar with our VMware components you should be at home with Hyper V (this extends to new functions too).



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