vFoglight 6.6 Now Released

We are pleased to announce the release of vFoglight 6.6. This release continues to focus on our goal of enhanced usability, increased performance, capacity management and VMware vSphere 5 support. Along with some minor bug fixes, this release contains some great new features that are sure to impress. The following is a list of some of the most notable:


Performance Optimization

§ VMware Agent Rewrite - new VMware agent, managed via the Foglight Agent Manager (FGLAM), enables growth with our largest customers, ensures reliability and improves ease-of-use with agent configuration and management. It´s faster, uses less resources and can connect to multiple vCenters from single FGLAM.

§ UI / Dashboards Performance Optimization - displaying data immediately when possible, fetching data when not possible, and notifying customer with a progress bar not only improves dashboard performance, but also improves user perception.


Usability Enhancements

§ New Alarm Dialog - enhanced alarm dialog provides more diagnostic details and impact analysis which reduces issue mean time to resolution.

§ Global Search - a “Google-like” search capability for any monitored object or health topic which helps make vFoglight users more efficient by significantly reducing search activities.

§ Global Report Access - global drop-down menu enables quicker access to report creation and running which reduces the time to retrieve valuable information about the infrastructure.

§ Associated Reports - out-of-the-box reports are associated with related dashboards and custom reports can be associated with related dashboards which further reduce the time to retrieve valuable environment information from vFoglight.

§ Report Suggestions - out-of-the-box suggestions on key reports leverages best practice intelligence from Quest´s VMware vExperts to provide actionable recommendations for the virtual infrastructure.

§ Roles and Groups - three new roles (QuickView, Reports, Administrator) enable customers to more readily set up users with restricted access.

§ Default Home Page - set default landing page, time range, refresh rate per user for added customization and reduced clicks to see key data; especially valuable for executive dashboards.

§ Storage Metrics - added thin provisioning metrics to provide insight into consumed, allocated and available storage and NFS data store metrics to provide insight into throughput and latency.


Capacity Management

§ Workload Density - cluster-based capacity utilization to determine remaining virtual machine capacity and monitor capacity thresholds.

§ Resource Bottleneck Identification and Recommendation - user-defined thresholds to ensure virtual machine availability, identify resource bottlenecks, and understand minimum resource recommendation to operate in comfortable capacity utilization.

§ Capacity Trending and Forecasting - project time and resource consumption limits based on historical growth rates to help forecast for future resource needs.

§ Scenario Modeling - model both virtual and physical workload placement on available hosts to improve efficiency in virtual infrastructure or move workloads from physical to virtual infrastructure.


Platform Support

§ VMware vSphere 5.0 Support - continue to support our customers as they adopt the latest VMware platform.


Download vFoglight 6.6 today: https://www.quest.com/foglight/


For more information on how to upgrade to vFoglight 6.6: https://support.quest.com/technical-documents/