vFoglight Enhancements - Observations by George Pradel

Today while sharpening the saw, catching up on the latest enhancements to vFoglight, I came across a fascinating feature. At first glance it doesn’t seem like much, just a way to insert a picture (gif format) into a custom dashboard as a background and then to insert indicators on top of that picture. It reminded me of the first time that I saw a monitoring product back in the day that could drill down to different areas of a network environment, I’ve always thought that would be cool to have with VMWare. That day is here, you can create custom dashboards that allows personnel to drill down into a problem situation visually to track down the alerts with ease. With this easy to create custom dashboard, I have the ability to show someone a map of the united states and all of our datacenters. From this map, I chose to insert symbols to represent the current status of alarms at the virtual center level. I can imagine that certain companies would use this to project onto screens in their “war” room so that the folks monitoring the whole environment can alert the proper team to the issue for resolution. I’ve included a screen capture of the one I created below, it took me no longer than 10 minutes to create and allows for drilldown at every virtual center location. You can see that Minnesota has a critical alert, Florida is experiencing a warning and New York and LA are in great condition. You know folks often ask me “What’s so different about vFoglight from Virtual Center?” . It’s a fair question if you’ve never used vFoglight but I always use the analogy of a car’s dashboard. Virtual Center is analogous to the dashboard of the car but when the check engine light comes on, you want to know if the gas cap is loose or if the engine is going to fall out of the car. We are that in depth monitoring and so much more. The other part that I like is that since we have a separate database and server for the vFoglight Management system, all that number crunching is being done on a separate server then the one I count on to keep my virtual machines moving about and keeping order. To me, the two are so very complimentary and I cant imagine trying to run a large vmware environment without the data that vFoglight provides.

George Pradel

Sr. Director - Strategic Alliances