vFoglight Save Reports to Disk

vFoglight report engine can e-mail you reports or store them internally within its own database.

We have had some customers ask if it is possible to store them on disk so they easily can be accessed by anyone without going into e-mail or logging into vFoglight.

Of course this can be done, follow below step by step tutorial and you will be all set.

1.) Log into vFoglight as an administrator and navigate to Dashboards, Administration, Rules and Notifications.

2.) Click Create Rule

3.) Give the rule a name in the field "Rule Name", Select Simple Rule under "Rule Type:", Select Event Driven under "Rule Triggering:"

4.) Once Event Driven is selected, Select ReportGeneratedEvent in the dropdown next to "Event Name"

5.) Select No Scoping Query under "Rule Scope:"

6.) Select Next near the top of the page

7.) On the next page, Conditions and Actions, click on the yellow dot to the left of "Fire"

8.) In the text box for "Condition:", paste the text from one of the attached files. Multiple files are available depending on your OS and how you would like your report structure. See example screenshots in bottom of this blogpost.

9.) From the pasted text, replace "C:\\vFoglight\\Reports\\" with the path on the server you'd like to store your reports (note that backslashes are actually double backslashes).

10.) Click the validate button, which looks like a little green check mark inside a square right above the text box for "Condition:". You'll get a message that says "Valid Condition".

11.) Click the finish button at the top.

12.) Run a report. You should see the report appear in the directory you specified in step #9. Share folder and use appropriate permissions to allow users to see the generated reports.

Linux paths look a little different so make sure you set your output path correctly.