Video - Secure #SharePoint, search for users and permissions, see how access is granted #qSharePoint

Security Explorer for SharePoint is a feature of Quest Site Administrator for SharePoint that searches for and modifies security on SharePoint servers. Security Explorer’s graphical interface increases administrator productivity and provides centralized control, simplifying and standardizing the management of the security resources.


Comprehensive backup, restore, search, grant, clone and export functions take management of permissions to new levels. Tasks that were previously either impossible or extremely difficult are now as simple as Point, Click, Done!


Read more at this in-depth blog post here: Search & manage #SharePoint permissions, even those nested in AD and SP Groups. See how


Already read that blog post and want to see Security Explorer in action? Watch this video below about Security Explorer to learn how you can secure SharePoint with Site Administrator for SharePoint. This is a long video, so here is a timeline to help you jump to the section that most interests you.

  • 00:28 – View Permissions – who has access to what and how they were granted access
  • 01:14 – Grant Access
  • 01:45 – Revoke Access
  • 01:54 – Clone Access
  • 03:00 – Backup, Restore and Schedule Backups of Permissions
  • 04:23 – Export Permissions
  • 05:25 – Search for Permissions or Users
  • 08:28 – Other Permissions Activities