Video: Four reasons to love Foglight APM 5.9

Customers are certainly digging Foglight APM 5.9. Here are four reasons why:


  1. Foglight's user experience monitoring is truly unique. We take a hybrid approach blending browser and appliance-based captures so you can understand the performance impact of everything from DNS lookup to load times of individual page objects. This, along with full session context, so you can replay every click by every user of your web app, has our customers raving about the new release.
  2. We've re-architected the core technology with "TransactionDNA" -- our patent-pending technology that unifies data and relationships across all transaction dimensions from the browser to the database, and from the code to the hypervisor. TransactionDNA provides a framework that establishes real business context and delivers workflows that are more intuitive than ever.
  3. Granular and extensive data capture of APM data across multiple platforms naturally presents a "Big Data" problem, a good problem to have! We've embedded powerful analytics with pre-defined dimensions so you can tackle this (good) problem head-on.
  4. And finally, Foglight's well-established extensibility to other stakeholders, including virtualization, storage and database admins, continues to enable maximum team collaboration based on a common platform and a single version of the truth.


If you can spare 10 minutes, I highly recommend watching this video demo where I walk you through the latest and greatest product features.